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Core Finance: helping your client get ahead

Our services are designed to support financial growth and security – from first-home buyers to entrepreneurs – we’re here to help.

second mortgage

Here at Core Finance, we have a long-standing history in the second mortgage market. We offer loans without the pressures and restrictions of the bank. With quick turnaround, competitive rates and short-term lending, we will tailor to an individual’s needs. 

A home loan without the pressures of the bank. Our second mortgage solutions are designed to help you or your client finance anything from residential property development to a deposit on an investment property.

Business Finance

It takes money to make money. 

Business finance is essential for the success of any business. Without access to adequate funding, a business will struggle to grow or even survive. We offer finance solutions to all businesses- from young business that are just starting out and need help to get off the ground, to more established businesses that are experiencing cashflows problems or simply just need extra funding to help grow their business. We specialise in helping businesses clear GST or tax arrears to consolidate their debt.

Debt Consolidation

Multiple debts can be stressful to manage. The varying levels of interest and terms make life more complicated than it needs to be. At Core Finance our team can offer debt consolidation so you or your client’s finances are simplified. Having a single loan to focus on can make life easier to track your debt and payments. 

We aim to minimise stress and assist you towards a path of financial security, our flexible loan top ups provide support to refinance your debts into one easy to manage payment.

property Finance

Our team at Core Finance strive to take the stress out of property financial solutions. We understand the different types of requirements that owning or purchasing a property may require. Whether you or your client need help with raising a deposit to purchase a property, access to funding for property sub-divisions or renovations to a property, we are here to help. We have extensive knowledge in property finance and will tailor each loan to the individual’s requirements. 

Personal Loans

We personalise our consumer finance loans with a personal touch. Whether you want money for a special occasion or a new purchase, a home renovation or new car, we can help. Our personal loans are flexible and convenient. Fostering financial growth, we tailor flexible payment plans and terms to fit you or your clients’ financial position. If you need money in a hurry talk to us today. 

Our terms and conditions are fully disclosed in our loan contracts which are available to view on this website and an independent complaints procedure is in place with the Financial Disputes Resolution.